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Thermal Imaging X8 Quadcopter Drone with Pixhawk X8 640 R

This is a fully assembled ready to fly X8 Thermal Imaging X8 Quadcopter Drone with Auto PilotThis quadcopter drone is very powerful and is for advanced pilots who want long flight time and unlimited power. The possibilities are endless with the included thermal imaging camera. This drone is fully autonomous including mission planning with waypoints and follow me mode. This is a very stable and easy to fly drone. Some functions include 6 programmed flight modes including RTL(return home) and Loiter. This setup includes 5.8ghz FPV equipment, 3 axis brushless gimbal, Flir Vue Pro 640 R thermal camera with radiometrics, 4K UHD camera, and telemetry. The video downlink transmits the live video from the thermal sensor and 4K camera to the FPV screen. The OSD overlays telemetry flight data onto the live video feed. Switch between the video from the thermal sensor and 4K camera via a switch on the transmitter. The high resolution thermal sensor has 2 auxiliary channels so you can change color palettes and start and stop recording remotely from the transmitter. With the thermal sensors' radiometrics you view live temperature readings right on the FPV screen and the sensor saves temperature data to the images it takes. The thermal sensor also saves GPS coordinates to every picture it takes. This package includes upgraded 10 channel  telemetry 2.4ghz TX and RX. The X8 configuration gives you a 4 motor fail-safe feature. If 4 out of the 8 motors stop working you can still safely land the copter as long as no 2 motors on the same arm stop working. The benefits of X8 configurations include 4 motor fail-safe, more power, longer flight times, withstand higher winds and altitudes and more stable. Everything is already configured for you and it is basically ready to fly out of the box. There are many uses for this drone including search and rescue, inspections, hunting, farming and many other uses. 

Thermal Imaging X8 Quadcopter Drone with Auto Pilot Includes:
  • 650mm Quadcopter Foldable Carbon Fiber Frame X8 Configuration
  • Pixhawk Auto Pilot Flight Controller 
  • 10ch 2.4ghz TX With Telemetry
  • 10ch 2.4ghz RX With Telemetry
  • M8N GPS
  • External Compass
  • Protective Canopy
  • Professional 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal
  • 4K UHD Camera With Live Video Out Cable
  • Flir Vue Pro 640 R Thermal Camera With Raidometrics
  • 600mw 5.8ghz Video Transmitter
  • 7" LED 5.8ghz Diversity FPV DVR Screen 
  • Video Switcher
  • OSD - On Screen Display
  • FPV Screen Mount For Transmitter
  • 915mhz 3DR Telemetry Radios
  • 4 pcs 4 Cell 16000mah Lipo
  • LED lights
  • 8pcs 5010 Brushless Motors
  • 8pcs HV 30amp Simonk(Rapid ECS) ESC
  • 8pcs 15x5.5  Carbon Fiber Props. 
  • HV Power Module With Current and Voltage Sensor
  • 200w Rapid Balance Charger
  • Custom Carrying Case
Flight time is about 25 minutes with the included setup. You can upgrade to a bigger battery for longer flight times. Like always free shipping to USA customers. 
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  • Model: X8 Predator 640 R

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